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    Here are experienced, concerned ministers, priests, and rabbis willing to serve you in your time of need. Each of us recognizes you have lost a unique individual. We will help you create a ceremony to honor the person you love who has made the transition from the physical world to the spiritual.

    We are ready to work with you to suggest how to make the final Celebration of Life personal for your loved one as well as comforting and meaningful for the family and friends.

    How do you want to celebrate?

    Different families have different traditions for their memorial services. Which of these best fits your family?


    1. A Remembrance Celebration

    Your family and friends gather together to share their stories and memories of the departed. Your chosen officiant opens the service with a few well-chosen words which guide and encourage all to share, and laugh, and cry together. Your officiant then serves as moderator during the service and leads the closing prayer. The grave-side service is also available if desired.


    2. A “Remembering His Life” Memorial Service

    Your chosen officiant meets with your family in advance, to hear some stories and gain sufficient understanding to craft a wonderful Memorial service during which your officiant helps everyone remember, and prepare to say “Good-Bye”. The grave-side service is generally included, if you choose.


    3. A “Short and Sweet” Memorial Service

    Your chosen officiant has a brief conversation with a family member to get sufficient information to be able to do a brief discourse honoring the deceased. Typically the grave-side service is included. Please explore our sample services to determine which fit your needs best. You may find that some portions of several fit your needs and you'll want to give this information to your Officiant. If you want the service specially-written your will meet with you to gather information for a eulogy that will be a warm and loving tribute to your loved one. You can expect a service provided by OurChaplain.com to be one that will express warmth, dignity, reverence and compassion — one that will begin the healing journey for your family.

    Meet Our Ministers Avialable to perform funeral services:

    Pastor Brian Eastman

    Pastor Eastman

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    Reverend Hawley Todd

    Rev Hawley

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    Reverend Ria Roth

    Rev Ria Roth

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    Reverend Frieda Hughes

    Rev Frieda Hughes

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    Reverend Liz Loring

    Rev Liz Loring

    Non-denominational ceremonies

    Rev. Liz Loring and Rev. Gary Pennington have the personal life experience to work with you to create a loving, honoring, memorial service for your loved one. One of them will perform the service as the other offers support and help to family and friends. They will help to prepare a traditional service, an informal service, or a service designed at your request.

    Reverend Gary Pennington
    Rev Gary Pennington

    Non-denominational ceremonies

    Rev. Liz Loring and Rev. Gary Pennington have the personal life experience to work with you to create a loving, honoring, memorial service for your loved one. One of them will perform the service as the other offers support and help to family and friends. They will help to prepare a traditional service, an informal service, or a service designed at your request.

    Reverend Ann Becker
    Rev Ann Becker

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    Reverend Steven Eyre
    Reverend Steven Eyre

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    Father Chuck Smith
    Fr Chuck Smith

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    Sample Ceremonies

     Here is a sample of some of the Funeral Ceremonies and Remembrance Ceremonies available from the ministers at OurChaplain.com. Each of these can be used as the complete ceremony. Or you can mix together segments of each one to create the ceremony which feels best to you.


      Always, know that your OurChaplain.com minister is here to help you create a wonderful, meaningful ceremony to celebrate your loved one's life. Please call your minister when you have questions or seek guidance.


    Memorial Service #1

    Hello everyone and welcome. We have come here today, family and friends, to remember and celebrate the life of (deceased) someone we have loved dearly and will miss always.

    This gathering is an opportunity to say good-bye to the physical body that was (deceased) and to say hello to the spirit (she/he) continues to be.

    Sitting in a funeral home, listening to a minister and missing someone you love may seem like a strange time to talk about the Celebration of life. In reality, it truly is the perfect time, because for (deceased), this is indeed a time of rejoicing. “There is a time to be born; and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.”

    When someone dies, one of the things that often runs through the minds of those left behind, is that we didn’t get to say the things we really needed to say, we didn’t get to hear the things we really needed to hear, or we just have some unfinished business. Now is the time for completeness.

    (Deceased) is here with us now as we gather, so let’s each close our eyes and silently take a few moments to say hello to (him/her) in prayer. Let’s share with (him/her) the love we feel in our hearts as well as the sorrow at (his/her) passing. Let us forgive (his/her) trespasses against us for (deceased) is in a place where (he/she) will forgive our trespasses against( him/her).

    Let us also forgive ourselves for things done and not done, for things that were said and not said. In doing so, we allow (deceased) the space to grow and allow ourselves to heal from guilt and regrets. Now is the time. (deceased) is here and is listening as we sit quietly in the Silence.


    Let us pray:
    Dear God, We pray for the spirit of (deceased), our beloved (son and brother and husband and friend.)
    Take (him/her) into Your arms, dear Lord, and bring peace to (his/her) soul.
    May (his/her) transition be gentle, peaceful, and filled with light.
    We see at this time all of the beloved people who mourn (him/her).
    We receive into our hearts the truth of God’s eternal life.
    Please uphold us through this sorrow and this loss, as we grieve and release this one we loved and shall so deeply miss. We see (him/her) held in your protective, loving arms forevermore. And for this we are truly grateful.
    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, AMEN. 

    This concludes our service. Thank you for being here.


    Memorial Service #2

    We have gathered here today to acknowledge the death of (deceased), whom we have all known and loved.

    When someone we care for dies, family and friends gather with sorrow in their hearts to grieve and give comfort to each other. We all grieve differently, and often the presence of another person’s company can bring understanding and support. Just being together, sharing our grief and our love, dissolves some of our loneliness and helps begin the process of releasing and healing from our loss.

    We have also gathered here in celebration of the wonderful life (deceased) led here among us and we are here to share our memories and give thanks for the time we had together. In spite of the ache of loneliness caused by (deceased)’s passing you can rejoice that (he/she) touched you; that (he/she) was a part of your life, and (his/her) influence will survive in the unending consequences flowing from (his/her) character and deeds.

    It may have been (deceased’s) goodness,( his/her) wisdom, (his/her) energy. It may have been (his/her) devotion to family, (his/her) helping hand, (his/her) courage. Or it may have been just (his/her) loving smile and understanding. Whatever it was, you will dearly miss it. But only for a whileÉ for in time all things pass, just as your grief will eventually pass, though that might not seem possible at this moment.

    By remembering the best of (deceased), recalling some of (his/her) finest qualities, guiding principles and values, hopefully we’ll take away with us the noblest parts and be enriched because of it. Let them endure in your own acts and thoughts.

    The Bible teaches that life does not end when we die. We are all eternal spirits, made in the image of God, and as spirit, life does go on. Let us say a prayer for the evolving spirit of our beloved, (deceased).

    Loving God, as (deceased) takes the next step on (his/her) spiritual journey, know that our love goes with (him/her). We ask that (he/she) know oneness with You and heal with the Light of Life. May (he/she) be filled with peace, compassion, forgiveness and contentment as (he/she) continues life in its spiritual form. We ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    This concludes our service. Thank you for being here.


    Memorial SERVICE #3

    [Opening prayer]

    We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of (deceased’s name), (list relationships & names of family members.)

    We are, all of us, spiritual beings having a human experience. When the human experience is complete, the body dies, yet our spiritual self continues to exist. 

    Saying goodbye to someone we love is painful. Letting go of the physical person we knew as our spouse, our parent, our grandparent, or a friend, is indeed painful. The first priority now is allowing our feelings to express themselves. We need to be aware of how we feel. We need to be in touch with how we feel. We need to be alone with our feelings about our loss. We need to allow ourselves time to grieve this loss. Each one here will do that in a somewhat different way. Each one needs to do it in his/her own way. 

    I certainly cannot tell you how to do it. I can only suggest that you take time to be silent, and allow your feelings to surface. This is a time when we do need to let go — not to control our feelings. We may feel deep sadness, we may feel guilt that we wish we’d done something differently. We may feel intense anger at the person who died, for abandoning us. It has been said that we understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love. 

    Since we have come to celebrate the life of your loved one, (deceased’s name), [relationships to those present] you may think you should have already done your grieving. You may think you have already cried all you wish to cry. However, we don’t always know how much time it will take to heal from our loss. We know that time does heal our pain. And we know that we cannot predict how much time it will take to learn how to live with our loss.

    So as we continue in this celebration of (deceased’s name) life today, don’t be surprised if tears are a part of your celebration of her/him. Don’t be surprised if your feelings surface. Go ahead and express and release those feelings. We are all here to support each other in this experience.

    Loving God, we give thanks for your presence in our lives. We give thanks for the comfort of your Spirit within us. As this family of your beloved son/daughter, (deceased’s name) continues their earthly journey without him, We ask for your Divine Guidance for each of them each day and each moment of the day. And we remember that the day which we fear as our last is truly the birthday of eternity for us. Thank you God. Amen.

    [This concludes our service. Interment will follow in a few moments.]


    Shall we pray. Loving God, as we gather here in honor of the life of (deceased), we feel your love and guidance deep within our hearts. We ask that you give each of (deceased’s) loved ones the strength to face this challenge of the loss of their beloved. We ask that they feel your arms of Divine Love embracing them, and allowing them to express whatever feelings they have, as they face this time of saying goodbye to the physical person, and saying hello to the loving Spirit of (deceased), in whatever way gives the deepest comfort to each individual in this family and to his friends. Amen. 

    For everything there is a season,
    and a time for every matter under heaven:
    A time to be born and a time to die;
    A time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted;
    A time to break down, and a time to build up;
    A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
    A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
    A time to seek, and a time to lose;
    A time to keep, and a time to cast away;
    A time for war, and a time for peace.

    So it is that we gather to commemorate the passing of one who was with us and is no more. We keep in our minds and hearts those memories and that love we knew because (deceased’s name) shared (his/her) life with us; and we commit (his/her) (body/ashes) to the ground and (his/her) spirit into the keeping of Almighty God.

    Please join me in saying the Lord’s Prayer:
    Lord’s Prayer (KJV)
    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy Kingdom come, 
    thy will be done, 
    on earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us. 
    And leave us not in temptation, 
    but deliver us from darkness. 
    For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever. Amen 

    The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you; The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Amen.


    Memorial Service #4 (taken from a Service by Marianne Williamson)

    We come together on this day to remember the life, both temporal and eternal, of one whom we have loved dearly. As brother, son, lover, husband, and father, ________ has lived in our hearts and shall live there forever.

    We release what was and make room for what shall be, as we testify within our minds that life does not end but merely transmutes, that today we say good-bye and yet we also say hello. We say good-bye to the physical focus of our relationship with this person, and greet the relationship with his/her soul that now begins anew. Through the grace of God, the dead do not die. They live forever, in God’s mind and in ours.

    And so it is that our service today is twofold: We are here to release what has been — the very human dramas of our love for _________, our shared stories, our histories. Yet we also open our hearts today, that our relationships with him/her might be reborn through the grace of God. Whom God hath given to us, no one and nothing can take away. Whom He brings together shall be together unto all eternity. For God is more powerful than death. We celebrate not the event of this worldly passing, although we certainly allow ourselves to feel its sting. Rather, we celebrate th resurrection by which _________ and we shall yet live forever.

    To the family we say, surely the presence of those who are here today proves to you the high regard in which he/she is held in this community. He/she made a difference. He/she touched our hearts. Our prayer is that your grief might move through you gently. May you hold in your minds forever the truth we agree upon here today: ____________ yet lives in the arms of and in the mind of God. Keep your hearts and minds open to receive him. He shall yet communicate his love for you, for he lives on in spirit and shall not forget you. God is with you always.

    Shall we prayÉ
    Loving God, We pray for the spirit of __________, our beloved brother, son, lover, husband, and father. Take him/her into Your arms, dear Lord, and bring peace to his/her soul. May his/her transition be sweet. We receive into our hearts the truth of God’s eternal life. Through the glory of God and the mercy of God and the majesty of God, we joyously affirm that love still lives forever and forever. Please uphold us through this sorrow and this loss, as we grieve and release this one we have loved and shall so sorely miss. Dearly beloved God, be our strength at this time, that we might yet see the truth of the world as You created it, that there is no death, that ______ still lives, and in You we still live with him/her.
    Thank you God, Amen.

    ________, we love you. We thank you for all you have been to us. we release you to God, that your journey ahead may be glorious and sweet. [PAUSE] Dear God, please take your servant; please take our pain. Thank you God. And so it is. Amen.


    Memorial Service #5

    Note: This 40-minute ceremony builds on much personal knowledge of the loved one. 
    Your chosen Funeral Officiant will need the help of several family members to properly re-write it.


    It's not hard to imagine the shock and horror K-name must have felt....and is still feeling at finding her dad last Tuesday..... but despite it all she had somehow managed to remain focused on the task ahead which was arranging this funeral for her dad.... and I know he would be very proud of her for that.

    We really weren't expecting to see so many people here today and I'm sure Name would have also been surprised too see how many people have turned up to bid him one last farewell. Well thank you all for coming.

    We are here this morning to pay our last respects and bid a sad but fond farewell to Name, also to honour and pay tribute to his far to short life.....and in our own way to express our love and admiration for him.

    We have all been deeply hurt by Name's death....and though he was taken from the bosom of his family and friends far too early.. we will try in the short time we have here this morning to make this occasion a celebration of his life.. and to express our thanks for having known him.

    I sincerely hope that at the end of this farewell ceremony for him you will also feel glad that you took the opportunity to do some of your grieving in the presence of others who have known and loved him.

    (Discuss here the Religious, Spiritual and/or Ethical code which guided Name thorough life. Then, if appropriate:)

    The Lords Prayer.

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy Kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen

    We have come together from different places.. and we are all at different stages on our journey through life.. our paths are varied and we look at life in different ways. But there is one thing we all have in common.. at one point or another.. and to some degree or other.. our lives have touched the life of name.... and so today we've put aside our usual daily activities for a while and gathered here to give expression to the thoughts and feelings that well up in us at this time of loss... and also because.. in one way or another.. Name's death affects us all.

    I'd like to read that great message This is not the original version of this famous reading but it is far easier to read than the original. of hope and comfort which was written by Henry Scott Holland for his wife just before he died... I feel quite sure that Name would have shared the sentiments expressed in the words.

    All is well

    Death is nothing at all,
    I have only slipped away into the next room.
    Whatever we were to each other, we still are.
    Please, call me by my old familiar name.
    Speak of me in the same easy way you always did.
    Laugh, as we always laughed, at the little jokes we shared together.
    Think of me and smile.
    Let my name be the household name it always was,
    Spoken without the shadow of a ghost in it.
    Life means all it ever meant.
    It is the same as it ever was.
    Death is inevitable, so why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
    I am but waiting for you, - for an interval very near.
    Nothing is past or lost.
    One brief moment and all will be as it was before,
    Only better and happier.
    Together forever.
    All is well.

    A popular Buddhist saying is " what the caterpillar perceives as the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning"....we know that all that has life has it's beginning and its end. Life exists in the time span between birth and death.. and life's significance lies in the experiences and satisfactions we achieve in that life span.. and though we know that Name had a difficult time for a period due to his mental health problems... this morning I would like to leave that to one side and focus on his earlier life and also his more recent past, as well as the other more positive aspects of his life and his personality.

    Name was born in Woolwich London on 22nd Month 1960.. and so began the life of the man that the people gathered here today were proud.. honoured and privileged to call their father.. their grandfather.. their son.. their brother and their friend.

    Name was a lot like his father in many respects and had always been a quiet reserved person who never imposed himself upon anybody, but that's not to say that he didn't get on with people, in fact quite the opposite is true, K-name told me how her friends when visiting her would often also call in to see her dad and I know he struck up some new friendships with the people he had met at The Theatre Workshop in Changed Directions, some of whom are here this morning.

    One way which was guaranteed to bring Name out of his shell was to join him in a couple of beers, he wasn't what you might call a regular drinker, but given the opportunity, then he could certainly sink a few, you could actually gauge roughly how much he had drunk by how talkative he was and if you couldn't get him to shut up then you knew he was pretty sloshed.

    I think he must have started a family trait because we had a similar experience with his son A-name last Saturday night.

    Name had a very gentle easy going nature and he very rarely raised his voice, in fact when we were all chatting on Saturday night no one could honestly say that they had ever seen him angry at any time, apart from a couple of occasions when he was at his blackest, when he was ill, and that wasn't really Name anyway so it doesn't count... If he did have a fault it was that he was far too nice.

    As far as anyone could recall, Name has hardly ever had much money to his name but we all agreed that if he was flush and you was in trouble he was happy to share it with you.
    I know that just recently for instance Name helped A-name with a deposit for his flat which A-name said he flatly refused to accept back, he also helped K-name to furnish her new flat which I know she was grateful for.

    Name passed his driving test as soon as he was legally able to and soon after bought himself a 250cc Honda Superdream which was his pride and joy.
    Those of us old enough remember well his ritual washing and polishing every Sunday afternoon in the small car park of River House where he lived at the time, unfortunately though misfortune struck and it was stolen, only to be found a couple of days later 60 miles away in Brighton completely stripped and useless.

    He never replaced it because the insurance didn't pay out fully, and anyway it wasn't long after that he was married to P-name.
    Though she must have been very young at the time, K-name still remembers taking turns with A-name as her dad pushed them round and round their back garden on an old broken moped and making loud revving motorbike noises, much to the amusement of the neighbors.

    Name was extreamly musically minded and could competently play several instruments including the cornet and the guitar.
    One of his mums proudest memories of Name...and she will tell you about it in quite graphic detail if you ask her...was when he marched with The Boys Brigade band on a remembrance day parade around Forest Hill, smart and handsome in his uniform playing his gleaming cornet.

    I don't know where he actually got his musical talent from because apart from his sister T-name I'm told that the rest of the family can't even hum in tune let alone read a musical note.

    Much of Name's early life and when the children were young revolved around the Salvation Army.
    He trained as a chef in their head office in Judd street Kings Cross and he played cornet in the Salvation Army band, he used to help on the soup run to the down and outs and he was happy to volunteer and help out whenever he could.

    In an effort to get a properly paid job to support his family he started bus driving in London and still carried on with his volunteer work.. but when he became ill and he needed their help they abandoned him.. despite everything he had done for them.
    Luckily he had a family that cared and first W-name and T-name stepped in to help keep his family together, followed by C-name and J-name who took great pride in their jobs as temporary fathers to the children.

    Name had a strange passion for tigers, no one ever quite understood what started it, whether it was a visit to the zoo as child, a TV programme or perhaps something else, but wherever you looked in his flat there was a tiger looking back at you from either a painting or a sculpture or a soft toy.
    R-name would be out on one of her day trips to Blackpool or Scarborough and often come back loaded up with tiger associated trinkets and novelties for Name such as tiger jigsaw puzzles or stripey pencils with a tigers head on the end for an eraser, of which he had many.

    Name also had a long standing fascination with Egypt and all things Egyptian, one of his big regrets was that he never managed to visit the country despite making plans to on at least two occasions, though he read a lot about it and he had watched numerous videos.
    I noticed he also had some Egyptian artefact's and trinkets around his flat but pride of place went to the famous Tutankhamen death mask picture that his dad had painted for him as a birthday present 9 years ago, sadly his dream to visit the country was never fulfilled.

    Name didn't have any particular hobbies as such; he led a quiet life and enjoyed the simple pleasures in things such as reading and listening to music or watching his DVDs, his favourite being Stargate which W-name said was the obligatory DVD to watch whenever someone went to visit for a while.

    I knew Name enjoyed a game of pool but I was surprised to learn on Saturday that he had a reputation as an extreamly good pool player and K-name, W-name and T-name recalled the time they were all playing pool in the Stone House pub and Name was whizzing around the pool table in his wheelchair hustling everyone.
    W-name never elaborated any more than that so I suspect Name had him thrashed.

    Name regularly attended Changed Directions in The Theatre Workshop on Yarnley Road where among many other things he had learned the basics of working with a computer, I know he enjoyed that because he would often tell R-name at what stage he was up to and get excited about the next weeks course and what he was going to be learning next.

    He was really disappointed when the courses finished, but he did continue learning in his own way at home with K-name's help on his own computer. K-name would often attend Changed Directions with her dad and she told me how he loved going out on the various trips that they organised.

    Name wasn't a particularly materialistic person but he did like owning gadgets, anything new that came out on the market then Name wanted to be the first to own it, unfortunately this did get him into trouble a few times, you cant keep a wife and children and get the latest wide screen TV on a salvation army chef or bus drivers wages.

    I can clearly remember that once when S-name and I went to visit Name and P-name in their new house in Hartford, he was really excited because cd's had just come out, so of course much to P-name's dismay he had gone out and bought a cd player.

    It was really funny because he had this cd which was Michael Jackson's Thriller and he was showing us how you could skip tracks play random tracks and do all the other stuff that we now take for granted, anyway eventually he ejected this cd and gave it to me to have a look at, well! you should have seen the state of it, it was covered in fingerprints and scratches and all kinds of muck, that's alright Name said, that's just where the kids have been playing with it, that's the great thing about these they are virtually indestructible, look he said, and then he started bashing it on the coffee table and throwing it like a frisbee to the kids who were loving it and throwing it back to him.
    S-name and I couldn't believe it, and we were even more amazed when Name put it back in the cd player and it played absolutely perfectly....I'm sure they don't make them like that anymore.

    Name wasn't always disabled you know.. up until the time when he had the accident in the bus which was the onset of his back problems he had always been a responsible hardworking man.

    Actually even a hard working boy because when he was only 13 or so he followed in the footsteps of his older brothers and he was out working for pocket money on evenings and weekends, and in the finest family tradition W-name then followed in his footsteps.

    Name, generous as he was even then would often bring presents home for his mum.

    W-name told me the story of how they used to occasionally pool some of their pocket money wages in order to buy their mum the complete sets of Ravenhead glasses, obviously they couldn't afford to buy a set at a time so the shopkeeper would open a particular set for them and keep it to one side so that they could buy one or two glasses at a time depending on what they could afford at the time.

    I have been told that R-name has still got some of those original glasses which now for obvious reasons are significantly more precious to her than ever before.

    Name lived his life to best of his ability and never complained about the misfortunes that seemed to always beset him.

    Name recently told A-name how proud he was of him for his achievements and the life he had made for himself, and A-name now has the opportunity to return that gesture when he represents his father and walks his sister Ma-name down the aisle when she marries on Saturday, safe in the knowledge that Name will be with them every step of the way and comforted by the words of his daughter who said of her Grandad - "Angels have taken him and one day they will take us to, so it's not goodbye forever".

    Name died suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday the 18th of April....He will be remembered among other things... for his honesty.... his integrity... his compassion... and far and above all else... for his undying love for all of his children.

    A flame that burned so brightly was extinguished without so much as a flicker and all we have left is the memory of how brightly it burned.

    Lets now spend a few moments in silence, and we can each remember Name in our own special way and those of you that do have a religious faith might like to wait quietly for just a few moments and we will share together a simple prayer for Name and for his family which we hope will bring them, and perhaps the rest of us, some form of comfort and strength in the coming days, weeks and months ahead, as we all adjust to our lives without Name.

    Name had a wide appreciation of music and his tastes varied from light classical to heavy rock, he was a particular fan of Meat Loaf so at the end of our prayer we will listen to a track from one of Names favorite Meat Loaf albums, a track that I'm sure name would approve of and by coincidence (almost) is very appropriate at this time.

    Short silence followed by: (option: call-and-response)

    Father in heaven,
    We thank you because you made us in your own image and gave us gifts in mind, body and spirit.
    We thank you now for Name and what he meant to each of us.
    As we honour his memory, make us more aware that you are the one from whom comes every perfect gift, including the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    Cue Music

    Meat Loaf - Where Angels Sing

    End of music

    I would like to introduce the thoughts of two readings, the first is from the gospels, which is John 14. 1 - 6, 27.

    The second is a short poem by A E Housman called England.

    Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in god, believe also in me.
    In my father's house are many rooms;
    If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?
    And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.
    And you know the way where I am going.
    Thomas said to him, Lord, we do not know where you are going; how can we know the way?
    Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.
    Let not you hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

    This is by Housman

    Into my heart an air that kills
    From yon far country blows:
    What are those blue remembered hills?
    What spires, what farms are those?

    That is the land of lost content,
    I see it shining plain,
    The happy highways where I went
    And cannot come again.

    Now is but a moment in time, I dedicate the next few moments to every single precious memory associated with Name.

    A time to be born.. and a time to die.
    Here and now...in this final act... in sorrow but without fear.
    In love and appreciation... we commit the body S-name W-name C-name to be cremated/


    The separateness, the uniqueness of each human life is the basis of our grief in bereavement.

    Look through the whole world and there is no one like name, but he still lives on in our memories.. and though no longer a visible part of our lives.. he still remains a member of our family and of our circle, through the influence he has had on us.. and the special part he played in our lives.

    We are coming to the closing of our proceedings here this morning, but just before we leave and to help send us on our way we will listen to some music that both Name and his mum really liked, this is by Andréa Botteli and Sara Brightman and I must admit it is also one of my favourites.. and at this time quite appropriate.

    So just before we play Con Te Partirò I would like to thank you all once again for being here today for Name and to invite you all back to The Country House Hotel for refreshments.

    Thank you, Time to say goodbye.

    Andréa Botteli and Sara Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye

    Exit chapel