How to use the “Get a Job Now” Process to get your own new job Fast*

Presented by Pastor Brian Eastman

1. Create a 1-page “ad” for yourself.
Begin with a good ad headline which overviews what you have to offer an employer. If you are multi-faceted, push that; if you have one specific area of specialization, push that.

Under your headline list every skillset you have, every knowledgebase you have, potentially job-relevant experiences, and the breadth of your outside interests. Be all-inclusive but not detailed: this is not a resume. The job my Seattle friend got, he got because he had included his background in psychology and marketing, even though his primary job history had been in HR. The company hired him because he had the psychology background necessary to understand their business, and he could do the HR and the marketing work they needed.

Recommendation: keep your focus broad. You want the HR person to see your list of attributes as a jigsaw puzzle piece that fits a hole in their organization. But if you present only for one type of job you may miss being considered for other opportunities in the organization.

Note: In helping my friends prepare their ads, I have discovered they are often too close to the subject: they overlook obvious connections. Or they make their ad more complex than it should be. For that reason I encourage you to consult with a professional writer to either review your effort or to write the ad for you.

To the extent that I have available time I am glad to assist you. (Figure $125 to $150 to develop an ad from scratch, working from your resume and an interview. (I can also put you in contact with two other writers I respect, if you wish.) Call me at 513 853 6180 if you want to explore this option.

2. Fax your ad to at least 3,000 businesses**.
Use the Discount Code PASTORB to obtain the discounted cost that I negotiated for you. Yes, you can do the faxing bit all by yourself: 1) Get a fax list of appropriate organizations for your job skills. ( Either find a list company, buy a suitable list for $150-$300; or research and build a list yourself), 2) use your fax machine or computer to fax your resume one at a time. That’s the way it used to be done, and why the process was hard to complete. It took many of your hours, and to get 3,000 faxes out could easily take the good part of a month.

**Note: you should probably increase your count to 6,000 - 9,000 duing the 08-09-?10 Recession/Depression. A recent article in New York Times states that the average job-seeker will have to go through twice to thrice the number of interviews as usual before gaining employment.

Much better idea which I just discovered: go to Their website helps you choose the geographic area to fax to, the types of businesses, size of businesses you want. The trick will be narrowing the choices down to the quantity of faxes you want to send.

Then you send them your ad, pay for their service and they send your job ad out to all 3,000 businesses in just a couple of days. Be certain to use the Discount Code “PASTOR B” or you risk paying too much. With the discount, figure you will pay about $250 for faxing to 3,000 companies. They fax your ad out, and you should begin getting inquiries and job offers shortly thereafter.

Note: Don't be confused - thinks only in terms of faxing out resumes. But they are willing to fax out your "ad" instead. Why an ad instead of a resume? Your Self-Ad will get noticed and acted on faster, because it will stand out from all the resumes they receive. And you are providing your data in an easier-to-understand form. You'll note talks about getting interviews within 30 days . . . and all my folks have gotten jobs and started work in much less than that! (Or, since you can send out "letter plus resume" you can probably send out "job ad plus resume".

3. Be certain you/your family/your voicemail sound
appropriately professional when a potential employer calls. provides lots information to help you handle the inbound calls that will come from your faxblast. Be sure to read their information and make use of it.

4. Are you seeking a job but don’t want your current employer to know?
You can use an alias, and get a 2d phone line with voicemail, use an answering service, or create an anonymous email address at Opera, Gmail, yahoo, etc.