Why the “Get a Job Now” Process was developed

Presented by Pastor Brian Eastman

I developed this process 8 years ago when my wife decided she needed a new teaching job, but needed to find one in two weeks. Given the challenge I used my experience in a business-oriented Ad Agency to create a “marketing campaign” which would sell my wife’s skillset, training and knowledgebase to both schools and business. By the end of two weeks she had received (as I remember) 8 resume requests and 4 job offers. She accepted a job that almost doubled her salary.

Later a friend in Seattle called. A former HR person and Recruiter, he knew all the hiring tricks. But he’d been using them for 18 months and was still jobless. I told him of the process I had used for my wife, and he put it to use himself. By the end of the first week he had two job offers; he started work the Monday of the third week. “This was a type of company I would never have sent a resume to,” he told me. “But the job was a perfect fit!”

Fast forward a couple of years. A former employee of mine needed a job fast when her own business was in trouble. She remembered the process I had used for my wife, did the same for herself. Had a job by the end of the second week. A year later got yet another call from HR in a company on her original list, and was given such a great offer she dropped her previous employer!

More recently I helped an unemployed person with severe disabilities use the process. He had been doing all the right resume things for over 3 months with no success. He had 2 job offers by the end of the third week and began work the fourth week.

--Note: this person lost his new job during the 2008 Troubles and is again using the same process and self-ad. This time it is taking longer.

These are the only people I know who have used the process the way I have designed it. Until recently one part of it was difficult to accomplish. Now you can learn the process and have it working for you in as little as two days.