Get a Job in 2 Weeks*

most of the time
presented by Pastor Brian Eastman

Over the last 8 years I have helped 4 friends get jobs using a job-finding process I had developed. 3 of them who have used my “Get a Job Now” process had multiple responses and accepted a job offer within 2 weeks. The 4th person got his job during the 3d week.

For the first three I helped, the process had some complex elements so it was hard for the average person to do. When I recently helped the forth, I discovered that new developments mean anyone can easily do it for themselves. So now I can help many people get a job - or get a better job - fast.

I know this process is effective for finding white-collar jobs, management positions and positions for teachers. I have not yet tried it for blue-collar jobs but believe it will prove effective there, too.

Note: these case histories all occurred before the 08-09-?10 Recession/Depression. I have suggested some process changes to account for the different hiring climate, in the Instructions page.